Hanscom K is a leading  developer of electronics with an expertise in security solutions.  Our products and services provide the assurance that your investments will be protected.  Our mission is to satisfy clients with supplying high quality products, unmatched service and fast delivery to meet everyday needs.

Our Mission

Hanscom K’s vision is to provide the world’s best quality and service to our customers’ mobile electronic experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, and value, so that we make all of our clients satisfied and comfortable with all their needs.

Hanscom K aims to these values:
1. Unmatched customer service
2. Taking care of our people on all levels
3. Care and support
4. Respect for all people
5. Building strong relationships

Sales Team

Hanscom K’s sales staff has been in business for over 17 years. Our Sales team is here to assist current customers as well as potential customers in maximizing their knowledge about all of our products and systems. Hanscom K. is determined to work with their customers in order to make mobile electronics more affordable than the next company without sacrificing quality.