HC-IPC | Forward Facing IP Camera


Quick Overview

With a compact build and a high resolution image quality, this IP camera works perfectly to connect to a DVR and record footage out the front windshield. With an ethernet connection, this camera can connect to our Mobile DVR's.

Please Note: An ethernet cable is required to connect the camera to the DVR.


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1.3 MP

Provides exceptional image quality with 1.3 mega pixels. Record all details from your drive like street signs and license plates.

2.8mm Adjustable Lens

Camera hangs from bracket which mounts to headliner and can be adjusted vertically for the best view out the front windshield.

Great Dash Cam

With a 120° viewing angle and built-in audio, this camera functions perfectly as a dash camera (when connected to a DVR).

Hansom K warrants this product against material defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to repair or replace any such defective unit at our sole discretion. Hansom K is not responsible for a defect in this system as a result of misuse, improper installation, damage or mishandling of the electronic components. We are not responsible for consequential damages of any kind.